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The raised relief map of the Peak District can be an excellent tool for outdoor
enthusiasts, educators, and anyone interested in exploring this beautiful region.
Here are some key features and benefits of this map:

Detailed Topography: A raised relief map accurately depicts the topography of the
Peak District, including its hills, valleys, peaks, and rivers. This detailed
representation helps users understand the region’s geography at a glance.
Tactile Experience: The raised relief design provides a tactile experience, allowing
users to feel the contours of the land with their fingers. This adds a unique and
interactive element to map exploration.
Educational Tool: Raised relief maps are valuable educational tools. They help
students and teachers better comprehend the geography and geology of the Peak
District, making it easier to learn about its natural features and history.
Trip Planning: For outdoor enthusiasts and hikers, a raised relief map is an essential
tool for trip planning. It allows users to identify key landmarks, trails, and elevation
changes, aiding in route selection and navigation.
Wall Decoration: These maps can also serve as attractive wall decorations,
enhancing the ambiance of homes, offices, or educational institutions. It’s threedimensional appearance adds visual interest to any space.
Geographic Reference: Whether for personal use or in a classroom or office setting,
a raised relief map provides a geographic reference point, making it easier to discuss
and locate specific areas within the Peak District.
Durability: Raised relief maps are made from durable plastic, ensuring they can
withstand regular use and maintain their quality for years.
Gift Idea: A raised relief map of the Peak District makes for a thoughtful and unique
gift for nature enthusiasts, geography buffs, or anyone with a connection to the
Interpretive Tool: These maps can be used in interpretive centers, visitor centers,
and museums to help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the Peak District’s
natural features and cultural heritage.

A raised relief map of the Peak District offers both practical and aesthetic benefits. It
helps people explore and appreciate the region’s geography, making it a valuable
tool for education, outdoor adventure, and geographic reference.

Area coverage includes: Glossop, Manchester, Sheffield, Kinder Scout, Bakewell, Matlock, Buxton,
Macclesfield, Leek, Stocksbridge

Mapping: Ordnance Survey Landranger

Size: 670 x 760mm

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