Relief Maps

We specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of 3D raised relief maps for all parts of the globe.

Our maps have been created to emphasise the wonders of our planet and to assist you to appreciate the natural landscape of some the world’s most beautiful scenery.

At Dorrigo, we are passionate about our products. We have spent years researching how to make these unique maps and we firmly believe we have mastered the art. Manufactured using high-tech design equipment, extremely detailed digital mapping and some artistic talent, our raised relief maps will guarantee you many hours of satisfaction.

Our increasing number of bespoke raised relief maps for clients include the oil and gas research sector, country estate landowners and foreign embassies etc.
Raised Relief Maps are a unique means of depicting the landscape around us. Traditional paper maps only show 2 dimensions on a flat sheet. Raised relief maps include a 3rd dimension as the hills, mountains and other physical features literally stand up out of the medium on which it is printed.

Rather than printed on paper, relief maps are printed on flat plastic sheets then vacuum formed over a scaled model of the area. Vertical dimensions are often exaggerated slightly to enhance the map. However, it isn't as simple as that - as we need to make sure the printing on the map isn't distorted after the vacuum forming is complete so the map features end up in the right place. Great skill and attention to detail is required to ensure perfection. Enjoy!